Condo Resale Volumes Highest in Past Two Years, Prices Increase a Modest 0.4% in August

08 Sep 2020
Property Data
1. CCR, RCR and OCR prices increase by 0.3%, 0.3% and 0.5% in August 2020. According to the SRX Price Index for Condo Resale:

condo resale price index 2020 august
condo resale price index by region 2020 august
  • Month-on-month, overall prices increase by 0.4% over July 2020.
  • Year-on-year, overall prices increase by 0.4% over August 2019.
  • In terms of regions, year-on-year, CCR and RCR prices decrease by 3.1% and 1.7% respectively while OCR prices increase by 2.8%.

2. An estimated 1,052 units are resold in August 2020, a 7.0% increase from the 983 units resold in July 2020.

condo resale volume 2020 august
  • August 2020 volumes are also the highest since August 2018.
  • Breaking down by regions, in August 2020, 59.5% of the volumes are from OCR, 20.8% from CCR and 19.7% from RCR.

3. The highest transacted price for a resale unit in the month is achieved at $8.4 million at Hilltops.
  • In RCR, the highest transacted price is a unit at Reflections at Amber Skye resold for $5.1 million.
  • In OCR, the highest transacted price is a unit at Grand Duchess at Saint Patrick’s resold for $3.6 million.

4. Overall Transaction Over X-Value (T-O-X) is NEGATIVE $3,000 in August 2020. This represented an increase of $7,000 as compared to July 2020. The median T-O-X for Condo Resale measures whether people are overpaying (POSITIVE T-O-X) or underpaying (NEGATIVE T-O-X) the SRX X-Value estimated market value.

condo resale median transaction over xvalue 2020 august
condo resale tox by district 2020 august
  • District 1 (Boat Quay / Raffles Place / Marina) posted the highest median T-O-X at POSITIVE $22,600, followed by District 21 (Clementi Park / Upper Bukit Timah) at POSITIVE $10,000 T-O-X.
  • District 10 (Tanglin / Holland / Bukit Timah) posted the lowest median T-O-X at NEGATIVE $33,500, followed by District 4 (Sentosa / Harbourfront) at NEGATIVE $32,000.
  • T-O-X data only include districts with more than 10 resale transactions with X-Value.
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