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Hi - We just rented an apartment at Vibes@East Coast. The neighbours smoke through out the day and the smoke from their unit comes into our unit - probably through ventilation systems. It is a problem particularly for my daughter who feels very nauseated.

We spoke to the agent and she says there is nothing much that can be done because the neighbour is smoking in his apartment. Fair. We asked if this could be taken up with the developer / property manager to investigate why the smoke comes in and then fix that problem - she says she doesn't know. Her suggestion is for us to buy a air purifier - at our own cost. I looked up and air purifiers can cost around $500.

What are our options and a recommended way forward ? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Jeevan Dalvi on 18 Sep, 2015 at 1:15AM

Category: Financial / Legal Matters

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