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For believers in Fengshui/ Geomancy, are you aware that for your home of stay, you can enhance harmony at home, well-being of children, loyalty/ faithfulness of your spouse by placing certain piece of home items at certain locations?

In 2012, there are certain locations of the house that are "Red Flags" areas to place your bed or your study desk. After 4 Feb 2012, if you start experiencing abnormal illness or bad health most of the time, you may be sleeping in the bed situated in the most undesirable position from 4 Feb 2012 till 3 Feb 2013 in the year of the water dragon.

By some small adjustment, you may miraculously discover that some of the ailments/ bad health you have been experiencing in the past few months since early 2012 suddenly disappear and you start feeling your old energnetic self again.

With some simple "tips", many times you can enhance the "qi" in your house with practically no cost at all by avoiding the "unlucky/ bad" positions and choosing those "favourable/ lucky" positions to place your bed, study desk etc.

Also, for some people, placing their beds in very "bad/ unlucky" position in 2012 may lead to a lot of turbulence and upheavals in their personal and work lives.

For many people, most importantly, you may want to know where the wealth location in your house is. It is imperative that you do not place any rubbish bin or clutter around that area otherwise you may find yourself having a "leaking hole" in your financial position throughout the year unnecessarily.

For others, if you happen to place a rubbish bin/ some clutters in the "designated lucky location" of your child, that may explain why he or she is doing not too well in the school work or losing interest in his/ her study.

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Posted by Edmund C M Lim on 30 Jun, 2012 at 8:24AM

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