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    Inflation is an invisible force that will erode people?s purchasing power. Investing in assets that are likely to go up in value over the long haul is a method to hedge against inflation. Options include investing in Gold, Silver, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Stocks, and the list goes on...

    In Singapore, real estate investing is a popular way, it is also useful as it provides housing, and space to run a business. More importantly, one can go to a bank and use leverage to purchase a piece of real estate.

    Bear in mind, not all properties make financial sense, neither will all properties be suitable for your portfolio. A prudent investor never fails to carefully choose a property investment that has low risk and high potential upside.

    If you would like to discuss a plan that complements your property portfolio and leverage on my team?s system of analysis and market resources, I am available on my mobile (65) 91180521.

    Cheers to Wealth Growing!
    Shantalle Goh


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