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    When I bought my first property in 1994 I wish I had someone there to tell me what to buy and why.

    Where would I be now if I have had good advice ? good financial advice during my 20 years of investment journey? How much is too risky? Have I just missed a good deal?

    What would my portfolio look like if I had been able to avoid the obvious mistakes that I made? Have I sold too soon? What does the Property Index mean to me as an investor?

    Get your answers today.

    Everything I do I believe in challening the status quo. I believe in thinking differently. Delivering excellent results is just a by-product.
    As a lawyer turned real estate agent, I believe I am able to add value to your property hunting journey, be it a home or an investment.

    ?????????,?????,?????????????? ???, Helen Tay ????(65) 8389 2616

    "You crown the year with your bounty,
    and your carts overflow with abundance." - Psalm 65:11
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