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Waterway SunbeamWaterway SunbeamWaterway Sunbeam

Upon arrival at Waterway Sunbeam, a spacious drop-off porch welcomes you. This porch marks the start of a beautiful landscaped walkway where you can take a scenic stroll towards the waterfront and waterway. Take time to enjoy the rain gardens, dry streams, children?s playground and fitness stations found along the way.

Explore the rest of the development?s garden-like landscape via meandering footpaths and be delighted by the many facilities found in its midst. Choose to relax within the rustic garden or head to the small pockets of seating areas for intimate conversations. Larger social gatherings can be held at the precinct pavilion. Parents will be pleased with the education centre provided within this development.

The residential blocks are staggered in height to create a playful skyline and oriented to maximise views of the waterway.


Property Name:
Property Type:
Price (psf):
No of Units:
No of Floors:
TOP Year:
    • Rain gardens
    • Dry streams
    • Children?s playground
    • Fitness stations
    • Rustic garden
    • Small pockets of seating areas
    • Precinct pavilion
    • Education centre
    • 3 room - Floor area: 65 sqm -Internal Floor area: 62 sqm -No. of units: 185 -Indicative price range: $152,000 - $196,000
    • 4 room - Floor area: 90 sqm -Internal Floor area: 87 sqm -No. of units: 260 -Indicative price range: $257,000 - $333,000
    • 5 room -Floor area: 110 sqm -Internal Floor area: 107 sqm -No. of units: 216 -Indicative price range: $340,000 - $415,000