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Nearby Tanglin Halt Industrial Estate



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Tanglin Halt Industrial Estate

Tanglin Halt cluster comprises a five-storey flatted factory building and a two-storey flatted factory building with an amenity centre.

Located approximately 8 km from the city centre, Tanglin Halt cluster is accessible via the AYE and the PIE. The nearest MRT station is the Commonwealth MRT station which is located approximately 140 metres away.

The cluster is located in a mixed residential and industrial estate and is within walking distance to the Commonwealth Market and Food Centre

Floor Loading10-15 KN/sqm
Floor-to-Floor Height
Blk 115A 3.8 m
Power Supply Allocation200 VA/sqm
Cargo Lift
Blk 115A 4 units with capacity of 1850 kg
Fire Protection
Automatic fire alarm system, hose reel & fire
hydrant, alarm bells, smoke detector & manual call points


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