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Cecil CourtCecil CourtCecil CourtCecil CourtCecil Court

Cecil Court is a commercial property located at 138 Cecil Street in District D01. This commercial space is primarily used for Office rental and sale.Cecil Court was won in competition as part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority's 9th Land Sale. It occupies a rectangular 1,670 sqm site in the Central Business District. The building comprises an 18 storey tower, another interlocking tower which is slightly lower at 14 storeys and a podium block. The podium block has a four storey high naturally-ventilated atrium roofed with a system of hipped skylights with ventilated ridges intended to expel excess build-up of heat.This civic space gives Cecil Court a landmark quality notwithstanding its modest height. The detailing of the facade of the tower is designed to reduce solar heat gain (insolation). Within each deeply recessed window panel is a separate sheet of tinted and tempered glass set in an outer frame. This second sheet of glass is fixed at the top and the bottom but a ventilation gap is left at the sides. This provides filtered natural daylight without obscuring the view. Solar heat gain through this outer pane is effectively dispersed to the surrounding air, leaving the interior relatively cool. The air-conditioning load on the building is consequently reduced.

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