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Primary School Registration & Property

Tips for Primary School Parents

Posted on 04-Jun-2015

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Primary School Registration & Property

Tips for Primary School Parents

For conscientious parents, schooling ranks up there with life-and-death struggles.

They will do whatever it takes to make sure that their children are afforded every opportunity when it comes to education. 

If need be, both spouses will work so that they can move into a home in a choice school district.  They will set aside money into long-term educational saving schemes to provide their children with the option to attend expensive private universities.  They will seek out the best tutors money can buy.

This herculean effort by generations of parents is not a matter of just writing cheques for new homes or for tutors.  They will roll up their sleeves, apply elbow grease and work teachers, administrators, and other parents in parent support groups, school activities, and student-teacher conferences.  Whatever it takes to make sure their children are tracking in the right direction.

This, of course, is rational behavior.  It’s time tested.  As a parent, we construct a foundation of shelter, family values, education, and extracircular activities that will see our children into adulthood and set them up for a successful life.   

A key milestone (and stressor) for many parents is primary one registration, which begins 2 July. 

In our Home Prices Near Primary Schools page, we provide a link to the Ministry of Education (MOE) that outlines the full registration procedures.

However, in summary, the primary schools admit students in three phases - with multiple sub phases - that take place in July and August. 

Students are eligible for the early phases of admission if they have siblings at the school, parents who are alumni, or families with special relationships to the school of choice.

If the number of applications to a primary school exceeds the number of vacancies during phases two or three, the school fills the vacancies based on home-school distance in order of the following priority:  (1) within 1 km; (2) between 1 km and 2 km; and (3) outside 2 km. 

For example, if two Singapore citizens were competing for one spot, the one who lived within one km would be admitted over the one who lived 1.5 km away.

As a result of these rules and the desire for many parents to live walking distance to choice primary schools, there is a strong link between property and schools.

This link, which is universal, by the way, causes parents to seek out housing near the best schools, which, in turn, puts upward pressure on prices.

For popular schools, there's often more applications than vacancies, and parents will jockey for homes in those neighborhoods to ensure their children get accepted.

In a few cases, parents will act creatively and purchase a home in the school district of choice and then move out as soon as the child completes the registration.

Recently, though, MOE has combated this practice by implementing a new rule, effective 2 July 2015, that requires the student to stay at the declared address for at least two and a half years from the start of the registration date.

In other words, this effectively means that the family must stay there until the child, who first registered at that school, completes Primary 2.

From a property perspective, this new rule is good in that it will help create a bit more stability in the neighborhood as all homeowners must now fully commit to the area.

However, it also means that parents need to plan ahead so that they are ready to act when a good opportunity arises to get the right home at the right price in the right school district. 

Here are some cool tips that can help you find a home in the school district of your choice:

  1.  Go to Home Prices Near Primary Schools to get median prices for private condos and HDB flats within one kilometer of every primary school in Singapore;
  2. Click on the school of choice to see quality home listings for sale or rent in that school district;
  3. Download the free SRX Home Search app at  Using this app you can request a free, instantaneous sale or rent X-ValueTM for condos and HDB flats in Singapore.  Also, you can search and shortlist homes nears schools and share photos and comments on a free messaging system;
  4. Launching in mid-June, you can receive a monthly update on listings and transactions occurring in a selected location.  This free, revolutionary service is called mySRX Property Tracker.  Watch for this great new service on

As a parent, it is never too early to start planning for homes and schools.  Since you are now required to live in the school’s neighborhood until the end of Primary 2, be careful to choose your home carefully. 

Use the above tips and work with your agent to make sure that the offer price will likely result in capital appreciation that will go a long way to paying off your child’s private university education if that’s the route he or she ends up taking.

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