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  • Condo, 748 sqft
  • AUD 608,000

  • Condo, 1087 sqft
  • AUD 1,087,000

  • Condo, 520 sqft
  • AUD 468,000

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A Raffles City China Reit in the making for CapitaLand

A REAL estate investment trust Reit housing CapitaLand's Raffles City developments in China may be in the offing once the latest four projects are completed.. - ST , 14 November 2014

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Contrasting modernist architects in Vienna show

Exhibit demonstrates how the reputations of Adolf Loos and his rival Josef Hoffmann have risen in recent years. - , 02 January 2015

Bankrupt US ski resort for rich bouncing back with new approach

IN the weeks before the holiday season, snowfall at the Yellowstone Club is both a blessing and a curse.. - , 02 January 2015

US medical clinics fill void in retail property

Operators see new demand for convenient healthcare services; for patients, clinics fill gap. - , 02 January 2015