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The exceptional Crest Condominiumcovering an ample 256,026 sqft 99 years lease-hold land will offers a comprehensive stack of resort-like and thoughtful facilities, the incentive texture of the Condo will be vivid from each tiny details installed.

The bright portrait of your life will be embellish colorfully with the quirky meeting of unique and classy facilities, stunning geographic terrain along with the breathtaking water features embracingThe Crest.

Transfer from the chaotic industrial apparatus to your crest of peace atThe Crest Condoand quench your thirst on soothing expenditure of your soul.

Find out the modern flavour of the urban heartbeat amongst the rustic landscape stretching all overyour own Crestis not impossible thing as thought. This Condo offers cosmopolitan and sophisticated homecoming experiences, designed for gracious eco-living with majestic water-wall, Club House at E-Deck for socializing, idyllic Rocky Stream, fully-equipped Fitness Area, Relaxing Pools, amongst others.

The lifestyle that strikes the resounding bell and buzzer of stimulation, excitement and amazingly carefree. Get bronzed and make a splash in bubble Pools, sprawl in the lazy afternoon on Pool Decks, take a dip into the pamper of hill-breeze and let the lush, soothed-mind serene landscape make an occupation on all of your senses.

Everyone can not help but be amazed at the thoughtful and sophisticated texture of nature cherishingThe Crest.The Condo is meant to be enjoyed by its residents. The time spends here is the time you realize all about your inside, the time for you to call all your own. Lush lawn, bouquet of flowers or awesome water-wall are ideal places for the intimation and promote bonds with your family.


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