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Fewer strata titled industrial sites for sale

Govt trims supply for first half of 2015 with large projects under way

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Balancing Property Savings, Beer, and Commuting

For all you beer drinkers, we've calculated the money you would save in pints by living within a short commute on the North-East Line.. - SRX.COM.SG , 29 June 2015

How To Convert a S$3.2 Million Property Loss Into A S$1.5 Million Gain

This smart man managed to make a profit from a loss-making transaction, thanks to the currency fluctuations.. - SRX.COM.SG , 18 June 2015

Property Hotspots in Singapore

At any given moment in any given property market, there are properties that are overpriced and properties that are underpriced. The trick is to know the difference.. - SRX.COM.SG , 17 June 2015

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